Membership Information


PACA members help define and support PACA, and are therefore critical to its identity and growth. The PACA membership cycle begins on January 1st and expires at the end of December. Members enjoy free admission to at least four annual events, access to an annual membership directory, eligibility to vote on organizational decisions, and access to the PACA listserv (a Google group) for sharing information and open exchange.

Join PACA listserv

PACA uses a Google Groups listserv as the primary means of communicating with our members. It also allows members to share events and information and start discussions within the PACA community. Membership to PACA and being a part of the PACA listserv are not mutually inclusive. If you become a member, you’ll be directly added to the listserv. If you are thinking about becoming a member, you can still join the listserv to learn more about how PACA operates before deciding.