Officer Roles

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Officers of the Philadelphia Area Conservation Association
(Last updated: February 2017)

All officers and committee chairs serve a two-year term starting on July 1st.  Elections will be held at a general meeting.  Officers and committee chairs can serve no more than four consecutive years before taking a hiatus of at least one year.  Minutes of board meetings will be taken by each officer in turn.  Nota bene: This document is intended to be advisory and can be modified as needed by each board to fulfill their needs.

PACA Officers:

Co-Chairs (2 positions, each year one Co-Chair is elected)

  • Oversees and coordinates the activities of PACA.

  • Works closely with the Program Chair to organize and assess the annual meeting and outreach events that reflect the interests of the constituency.

  • Writes thank-you notes on behalf of PACA to speakers within one week of their presentation.

  • Prepares all meeting agendas.

  • Initiates and runs officer meetings.

  • Advises on budgetary decisions and assists with budget preparation.

  • Insures that the Nominating Committee is on time with its ballot.

  • The past Co-Chair serves a one-year term as the Chair of the Nominating Committee immediately following his/her two-year Co-Chair term as stated in the Bylaws of the Philadelphia Area Conservation Association.

Past Co-Chair (one year term immediately following second year as Co-Chair)

  • Forms and chairs the Nominating Committee.  See committee details below.

Program Chair

  • Forms and chairs the Program Committee.  See committee details below.

  • Serves as liaison between the Board and the Program Committee.


  • Responds to and manages PACA email and public inquiries.

  • Maintains the membership list; solicits and processes new memberships and renewals.

  • Ensures that the Co-Chairs promptly schedule regular meetings and generate their agendas.

  • Works with the Member Representative to improve and update the PACA website.

  • Works with the Program Chair to process and record event RSVPs and event attendance.

  • Forms and chairs the Bylaws Review Committee once every three years.  See committee details below.


  • Accounts for all monetary transactions.

  • Performs long-term financial planning.

  • Prepares the budget (in consultation with the Co-Chairs).

  • Solicits sponsors for receptions as needed.

Member Representative(s)

  • Works with the Program Chair and Secretary to promote PACA events and increase PACA membership through the PACA website, listserv (Google group), and Facebook page.

  • Maintains and organizes the PACA Archives (Google drive).

  • Advises and lends support to the administration of PACA.

  • Surveys the membership and creates online ballots as needed.

PACA Committees

Program Committee

  • The Program Chair chairs the Program Committee.

  • Solicits speakers that reflect the interests of the constituency.

  • Seeks out suitable venues for PACA events.

  • Schedules facilities and audio visual equipment for all events.

  • Orders food, drink, and associated supplies for receptions.

  • Keeps track of leftover and extra supplies.

  • Advises Co-Chairs and Treasurer of costs and needs.

  • Works within the set budget for receptions.

Nominating Committee

The immediate past Co-Chair will chair the Nominating Committee or, if unavailable, a former Co-Chair.  Participation in the Nominating Committee will be solicited at the General Meeting, and the upcoming openings on the PACA board will be announced.

  • The Nominating Committee is chaired by the immediate past Co-Chair or a former Co-Chair.

  • Creates a list of candidates from the membership for each open position and confirms each candidate’s willingness to serve if elected.*  Members of the Nominating Committee are not allowed to be considered for candidacy for open positions.

  • Sends the preliminary slate to the membership with or prior to the announcement for the General Meeting.

  • Informs all candidates and the general membership of election results; writes thank-you notes to candidates who were not elected.

* PACA members who are considered to be successful candidates for office possess the following qualities:

  • Willingness to fulfill the requirements of the position for which they’re being nominated.

  • Enthusiasm for the PACA mission: to promote knowledge and collegiality for its members and to promote knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of the greater conservation field to the public.

  • High standards of professional conduct.

Bylaws Committee

  • The Secretary chairs the Bylaws Committee.

  • Convenes every three years to review the PACA Bylaws.

  • Sends a public call to the membership to solicit suggestions and changes to the Bylaws.

  • Sends suggested changes to the Bylaws to the membership for review with or prior to the announcement for the General Meeting.

New Committees

  • The Board can establish new committees by a majority vote to help perform PACA business.

  • The Board appoints the chair of any new committee until the next election cycle, when the chair will be elected if the committee continues.

  • The committee chair of a non-standing committee can move to dissolve the committee when s/he determines that the committee has achieved its goals.  The Board must agree.